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Info about the Picture Book
"Here I am! The A-mazing Little Creatures"
this book is added in the collection of OPLA in 2008

2006 Exhibition Report
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Along the street or off the street,
Once you find these litte creatures
So dalicately formed and elaborately designed,
You'll be trapped in the maze inside them,
Like walking in another dimension

package The book is sold in the package like this
book+case which includes
the book, a transparent plastic case,
and a whiteboard marker.
pages1 The story begins, it means that you start walking......
pages2 When you find "a-mazing" little creature along the street,
(yes, the creature itself is "a MAZE")
slide-in slide the book back into the case.
write Then, you can draw the line on the surface
with the marker pen to get through the maze !
erase You can erase it, you can try again
book+case2 and again, on other pages, too.

click to enlarge and play the maze !
maze-butterfly maze-shell

  height 210mm×width 297mm
  40pages offset printing spiral-bound
  with plastic case and whiteboard marker
Author (words & graphics):KINOTORIKO
Publisher:Banana Books
Code:ISBN4-902930-09-9 C8771
Price:4800yen(4571+tax) the first edition, autographed & numbered by the author

the book is available here
  *SPOON BREAD @Jiyugaoka, Tokyo
  *PROGETTO @ La Cittadella, Kawasaki (terminated)
  *tray @Gakugei-Daigaku, Tokyo (terminated)
  *JUNKUDO bookshop @ Ikebukuro,Tokyo (terminated)
  *KINOKUNIYA bookstore @ Shinjuku Minami, Tokyo (terminated)
  *MARUZEN @ Marunouchi, Tokyo (terminated)
  *KEIBUNSHA @ Ichijyoji, Kyoto (terminated)
  *Calo Bookshop & Cafe @ Osaka (terminated)
  *La Hune @ Saint Germain, Paris, France

copyright: 2006-2012 Kinotoriko