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"My Sweet Death Wish"
2009 MOKUJISHA(Tokyo, Japan)
Japanese version is now avilable in bookstores !
"Tendre est La Mort"
French version is published from SARBACANE(Paris, France).
"Tenera è la Morte"
Italian version is published from SALANI (Milan, Italy).

Sometimes life is not easy, and when the depression dominates us,
Death seems to be sweeter than life.
This is a story of a young lady, who decided to die
and knocked the door of Death ......

A book for a long silent night.
Full of illustrations with easy-to-read lines in Japanese.

flexible binding 128pages
1200yen + tax
ISBN987-4-8393-5966-9 C5776

Words & Graphics : KINOTORIKO @
Publisher : MOKUJI-SHA, INC. Tokyo Japan
         tel 81-3-5256-7740
         fax 81-3-5256-7760

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copyright: 2008-2009 Kinotoriko