"What is Time?"

The exhibition of Seiko Epson Smart Canvas
at Tokyo Midtown was closed on Nov.3 (from Oct.28, 2010)
with many visitors' favorable comments. Thank you very much !
8 artists designed a watch on the theme of
"What is Time ?"

The exhibition was to introduce the electronic paper devoloped by Seiko Epson,
and to seek the possibilities of the material.
Prints on the watch-band is also by the same company.


Designed by (from left to right) :
Shisyu(caligrapher), Masaaki Hiromura(graphic designer)
Ryosuke Uehara+Yoshie Watanabe(graphic & product designer), Yugo Nakamura(web designer)
WOW(visual design studio), Yuichi Yokoyama(manga-illustrator), Kinotoriko(me), Shuntaro Tanikawa(poet)

Exhibition Report

booth  A view from one side. Each booth has a window to look in.
 From above, you can see how it works.

 In the window, the watch is hung in mid air, and the printed big screen is at the back, lightened up to be seen from the other side.

 It's much more brilliant than this photo. With the effect of mirrors it looks like an kaleidoscope.


about my design "Toki-Me-Chimera" (coined word)
can be translated as "Happy Chimera Time"

SCwatch  How it would be, a picture-book in the form of watch ? Then an image of a picture-book with divided pages flashed into my mind. Here, numbers from 0 to 9 are replaced by the animals. Hours and minutes are indicated by the combination of the half part of "ten's-place animal" and the half part of "one's-place animal", then a half&half-combined animal(= chimera) emerges every minute. When you get skilled in this "replacement", the watch becomes fairly practical !
  Let's finish the meeting before "pigmonkey:catcat" and you will meet your friend at "pigbat:koalacat", then beware of the last train, it leaves at "catrabbit:owlpanda" !

 At this exhibition of prototype, only 9 scenes are displayed. Can you tell what time each of them indicates ? --- the small animal on the top indicates "hour" and the large one indicates "minute"(24-hour notation).
 After referring to the animal↔number conversion table, check your answers here.

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