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2011 * Qui Sui-Je ? (to English page)
* Qui Suis-Je (キ・スイ・ジュ)? (to Japanese page)
2009 * Tendre est La Mort (to English page)---2009 LIBBYLIT AWARD
* わたしの優しい死神(to Japanese page)---2009 LIBBYLIT賞
2006 Here I am! the A-mazing Little Creatures (to English page)
ここにいるよ!めいろないきものたち(to Japanese page)
2006 The Passion Blue (to English page)
青の情熱 (to Japanese page)
2003 Il Panorama Parlato (to English page)---selected in Bolobna Children's Bookfair 2004
ことばのけしき(to Japanese page)---2004 ボローニャ国際絵本原画展入選作
2003 ABC out of WWW (to English page)
ABC out of WWW (to Japanese page)
2002 What a Colorful Life! (to English page)---selected in Bolobna Children's Bookkfair 2003
なないろえほん(to Japanese Page)---2003 ボローニャ国際絵本原画展入選作
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2002 地球がもし100cmの球だったら
If the Earth is a Glove of 100cm
2000 わたしたちはどこから来てどこへ行くのか?
From where? we came and, To where? we go


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