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This is a group exhibition in which a visual artist and a confectioner
work as a pair or a team to create one work.
"EKASHI" could be translated as "graphic+sweets" and "TEN" means "exhibition".

EKASHI-TEN 1 was held in 2004.

Nov.22(thu)~Dec.01(sat) 2007 at gallery + cafe tray
8 pairs/teams participated and the event was lively & successfully ended !
Many thanks to the visitors!

" Les Petits Magiques "

  I collaborated with a cook/confectioner Ms. Maki Watanabe who made chocolates, and I did illustrations & design.
  The title "Les Petits Magiques" means " Magical Little Things" in French---
inspired by the fact that just a smack of chocolate changes our mood, like magic.
Then the images of the magicians arose, who give you truffles to enchant you.

(But why in French ? --- because it's chocolate !)

Click to enlarge the image (right)
  There are 4 truffles in the coffret of "Les Petits Magiques" .
Each truffle is a gift from the magician who represents "flamme=flame","eau=water","bois=forest" and "mineral=mineral".
  "flame" is spicy with ginger & blackpepper, "water" contains juicy passionfruit & lemon, "forest" tastes rich with praline of hazelnut & allspice, and "mineral" has the salt of Guerande in it !
  4 truffles in original package with minicard=1000yen; SOLD OUT, thank you!

  The package was designed to hold the minicard to display the illustrations.
  It was like designing a book, because the package is not only a container of "things" but also that of "experience" or "memory" and is also portable . That's what I learned from the guests at this exhibition.

chocolates : Maki WATANABE
illustrations & package design : Toriko Kino

copyright: 2007 Kinotoriko