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Gallery EF "New-Year Group Exhibition 2008"
this year's theme is
"FAMILY? 2008"
2008. Feb 18 (mon) ~ 29(fri)

and my work is

Gregor Samsa, If He Should Ever Be Happy......
The famous short story by Franz Kafka,"The Metamorphosis" is first Published in 1915.
One day, unexpectedly HE was deprived of means of communication,
isolated and alienated from his family, till the end of his life.
Bizarre, yet it seems very realistic today.
What does "being a gigantic bug" mean? Did he have any chance to be happy ?
I'd like to know if YOU have any solution.

Use this "Samsa-Family Set"
to picture Gregor's Happiness
( You could move these objects at the gallery)

Gregor Samsa
One morning, he wakes up to find himself transformed into a gigantic bug.
Before that, he has been a travel salesman, to maintain his household.
His wish is to support his younger sisiter to go to the conservatory.
Gregor's younger sister. Plays violin.
At the beginning, she takes care of her brother
by providing foods & cleaning room,
but as time goes by, her attention and delicacy fades and ……
Gregor's Father /apple
Being forced to work again after Gregor's metamorphosis,
however, he regains his vitality.
He even shows his antipathy towards his son and
the apple he throws against Gregor sticks into his body,
which becomes fatal.
Gregor's Mother
She suffers from her son's fate, but
despite her affection for him,
she faints every time she sees his figure.
Chief Clerk
He comes to the house to ask why Gregor hasn't come to work.
He runs away in horror when Gregor finally shows up.
A tall, aged woman hired by the Samsas, after Gregor's metamorphosis.
Tough woman who never gets horrified by Gregor's figure,
works with unhesitating manner in any situation.
Three Tenants
The Samsas provide the room for these three men,
to gain supplementary money for living.

Scenes from the Story

"One morning,
as Gregor Samsa was waking up
from some disturbing dreams,
He found himself in his bed,
transformed into a gigantic bug."
What is his reaction, and
that of his family, his boss ?

Father throwing the fatal apple to his son.

From the darkness of his room,
Gregor stares at the family
in the living room.

Three tenants come to the house

Wounded by the apple,
Gregor gets weak day by day.
His room becomes messy
and the dust gathers upon him.

After the charwoman "disposes" of Gregor,
the family takes a holiday,
takes train to go outside the city, where

"the sun effuses its warmth and brightness"

copyright: 2008 Kinotoriko