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How about learning Japanese Onomatopoeia on-line?


I'm happy to announce that my book I'm PEKO-PEKO Hungry is now became a text for on-line language course!  It's a collaboration with Go! Go! Nihon, the company that helps students who wants to live and study in Japan.
Now that the entrance to the country is restricted, on-line study would be helpful to keep up your motivation (:-) ! The special thing of this on-line course is; I recorded myself "how to pronounce", so you can learn the words and sentences through your ears!

lamort_bookface_web_petit.jpgのサムネール画像Besides, the physical book
*I'm PEKO-PEKO Hungry! is now on sale. It's a book that introduces many Japanese onomatopoeias.
Do you know when and how to use onomatopoetic words/mimetic words like "PEKO-PEKO" or "DOKI-DOKI" or "GAN-GAN"? This book shows the situation to use these expressions by illustrated scenes along with the explanations in English & Japanese, the description of the words, and some clues for pronunciation.
This is for the people who are interested in Japanese culture, learning Japanese language, living and working in Japan, and also for the tourists, as a souvenir from Japan.

*Yasahii Shinigami, formerly published in France as Tendre est La Mort is published in a new edition. Texts are written both in Japanese and French.


JUne 18, 2020


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