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 Recently I found that, in this site (made of "Movable Type 5"), only 10 articles can be shown at the top page of each blog. To see all articles (paginated), please choose "see all" on the side menu "categories".

Exhibition "SEVENTEEN"

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  "Seventeen (years old)" is the theme of 2011, for the annual exhibition at Gallery eF (Sendagaya, Tokyo). And I adopted the same technique and the concept "tangram" as the latest book "Qui Suis-Je ?", changing the way of "dissection" and the colors. I put some words, too.  The title is "Seventeen, in the shape of......? ". The main work is this accordion-folded book, but I also prepared this magnetic board with magnetic tangram so that the people can play with it.


Picture book released in France

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  To start a new blog, I'd like to introduce my latest picture book which was released in January in France. The title "Qui suis-je ?" had been entitled "I'm Puzzled" when I first made the plot. So, this is a puzzle to be played and also bearing the theme of "identity". That's why the french title is " Who am I ?" when re-translated into English. More informations are already shown in "PictureBook" page. 
  The book is available certainly in France, probably in some countries in europe, and maybe in french-speaking areas in the world. ( In Japan, I could find only one bookstore on-line who sells it so far)
  This book is one of the series called "Cahier d'artiste" (Artist's Sketchbook), the series that urges the readers to create their own piece of work by the meterials made by the artists. Among them are ; Serge Bloch, HervĂ© Tullet, Gianpaolo Pagni & Eric Girat.
  The price is rather reasonable, and basically there's no text inside, and I'm sure the series would inspire the children all over the world.
I'm expecting it to be published in many countries.