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Back-up (about the M9 earthquake)


M9.0 and the AFTERSHOCKS......

Dear readers, Dear friends overseas,

  I (we) thank you for all the concern for Japan, we appreciate your helping hands and warm encouragements. Two weeks have passed since the enormous earthquake and the horrible tsunami that wiped off the North-East coast of Japan.

Many people lost their lives, many are still missing. 
Many family had to leave their homeland and live as refugees.

We feel the aftershocks every day and night,
We are still endangered by the damaged nuclear reactors.

There are people working on the destroyed land
to rescue the possible survivors
to save the weak and injured
to bury the victims being crushed with grief.

Removing the debris to reconstruct the road,
Driving the trucks to deliver the needs.

Then, at the risk of life, there are people working to deactivate the reactors.

The ordinary habitants in Tokyo including me,  the only thing we can do is to support those people and not to cause panic. We need to overcome our fears, we must endure this hardships.

Big cities like Tokyo have been devouring the electricity, depending too much on the nuclear power plant. It's time to say thanks and good-bye to this monster and to consider the new way to live safe and secure.

March 25, 2011