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L'annuncio in Italiano


  Il mio libro illustrato che è stato pubblicato in 2006, è ora trasformato come un e-Book, l'applicazione per iPad. La traduzione del titolo Here I am ! The A-mazing Little Creatures sarabbe Ecco mi qua, Le Piccole Creature "Labirintose". É un libro del labirinto con una storia, e come vedete qui, si puo seguire la strada con la pennarello rossa sulla cassetta trasparente ed anche cancellare i tratti per giocare ripetutamente.
 Allora, l'intenzione del libro è realizzata efficacemente nella forma del e-Book. Inoltre, sulle pagine del labirinto, si puo utilizzare la tavolozza multicolore per tracciare, colorare e dipingere. É certo che voi possiate salvare i vostri disegni originali. La musica è stata composta specialmente per quest'applicazione.
  C'è poco testo quindi non ci sarebbe problema della lingua. È per tutte le generazioni in tutti i paesi !

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L'annonce en Français


  Mon livre qui a été publié en 2006 est maintenant transformé comme un e-Book, une application pour iPad. La traduction du titre Here I am ! The A-mazing little Creatures serait Me Voici ! Les petites bêtes en Labyrinthe. C'etait  un livre du labyrinthe avec une histoire et comme vous voyez ici, on pouvait suivre le chemin avec le marqueur rouge sur la caissette transparente et de plus, effacer les lignes pour jouer répétitivement. 
  Alors, l'intention du livre est bien réalisé en forme d' e-Book. En plus, sur les pages du labyrinthe, on peut utiliser la pallete multicolore pour dessiner, colorer, et peindre. Bien sûr vous pouvez enregistrer vos dessins originaux. La musique a été composée spécialement pour cet application. 
  Il y a peu de texte donc la langue ne vous dérangerait pas. C'est pour toutes les générations dans tous les pays ! 

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"A-maze book" for iPad !

  My e-Book = an application for iPad,  will be released on 12th September > and now, it is available !
It is based on my picture book published in 2006,    Here I am ! The A-mazing Little CreaturesThe book is modified to fit the spec for e-publishing, and I found that the concept of the book is realized perfectly in this way, as if it were meant to be from the beginning. It must be fun for the grown ups as well as for children. (image: the top page)
  The original book is in the transparent plastic case on which the readers can draw lines and also erase them, to play the maze repeatedly. And the spiral-binding is not only necessary to make the book flat but also to express the "long and winding road" of the maze. The form of the book corresponds to the intention, so, in this way the book must be successful except ...... it costed too much ! Besides, it is not suitable to be distributed and to be piled up in the store......
I appreciate that it was accepted in the "OPLA" collection in Italy (Artists' Books for Children).  But, in my opinion, books are to be read "by many people, in many countries, for long time", so it would be better if they are available in "friendly price".

Back-up (august)


Unusual Summer

Dear readers, Dear friends overseas,

  4 and a half months have passed since the disaster and there's not a single day without thinking about the victims of tsunami, refugees and the nuclear power plants ------they are not settled yet. We have to be aware of the radioactive contamination of the air, the sea and the land. However, the government is not functioning properly and that makes people very nervous. 

The campaign for "saving energy" is not that bad, especially for the city like Tokyo that had been too bright and eccentric. we are now seeking for a new style for living, safe and sustainable. 

  By the way, I had a trip to France (I hope the nuke-plants there is super-safe) in late May & June, I'd like to thank many people who are still concerned about our country. I will upload soon the photos ( not telling you when ;-).

August 1, 2011