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"A-maze book" for iPad !

  My e-Book = an application for iPad,  will be released on 12th September > and now, it is available !
It is based on my picture book published in 2006,    Here I am ! The A-mazing Little CreaturesThe book is modified to fit the spec for e-publishing, and I found that the concept of the book is realized perfectly in this way, as if it were meant to be from the beginning. It must be fun for the grown ups as well as for children. (image: the top page)
  The original book is in the transparent plastic case on which the readers can draw lines and also erase them, to play the maze repeatedly. And the spiral-binding is not only necessary to make the book flat but also to express the "long and winding road" of the maze. The form of the book corresponds to the intention, so, in this way the book must be successful except ...... it costed too much ! Besides, it is not suitable to be distributed and to be piled up in the store......
I appreciate that it was accepted in the "OPLA" collection in Italy (Artists' Books for Children).  But, in my opinion, books are to be read "by many people, in many countries, for long time", so it would be better if they are available in "friendly price".
  The book and the iPad, they even look alike, in size and in material of the surface. The major differences are:
1. The app has an back ground music, originally composed by Ryo Nakamura (The Future Ratio).
2. The app has a palette for coloring, instead of white-board marker. It's an advantage of e-Book that you can save your own drawings.
3. The price is fairly low, 3.99 dollars, instead of 4800 yen ! (don't calculate, yen is to high now) .
a part of the profit will be donated to the relief efforts organized for the victims of the earthquake/ tsunami disaster.

 Now, the original book is just expensive and has no charm at all ? ------ I don't think so. Vivid colors of ink and the touch of papers are special, and sometimes "being there as it is" is just important. First of all, I'm not sure that I could make such an effort to complete this book if it were just for an application. Originally, it was one of the challenges to design the form of the books free from the standards, so the work might not have existed if it had not been for this "paper" project. 

  The important thing is; the appropriate contents for the appropriate media ------either in the style of e-books or paper-books.