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Unusual Summer

Dear readers, Dear friends overseas,

  4 and a half months have passed since the disaster and there's not a single day without thinking about the victims of tsunami, refugees and the nuclear power plants ------they are not settled yet. We have to be aware of the radioactive contamination of the air, the sea and the land. However, the government is not functioning properly and that makes people very nervous. 

The campaign for "saving energy" is not that bad, especially for the city like Tokyo that had been too bright and eccentric. we are now seeking for a new style for living, safe and sustainable. 

  By the way, I had a trip to France (I hope the nuke-plants there is super-safe) in late May & June, I'd like to thank many people who are still concerned about our country. I will upload soon the photos ( not telling you when ;-).

August 1, 2011