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The Year of Dragon 2012


" Spring comes to all, on Heaven and Earth "

Back-up (December)


December, still many things to be done......

Dear readers, Dear friends overseas,

  It's already the last month in the year ! The new announcement is: Another application for iPad / iPhone will be released soon ! (icon at left, not linked yet) This ABCD e-BOOK, is the e-Book version of ABC out of WWW ; an alliterative verse in english with illustrations.  Here I am ! The A-mazeing Little Creatures (icon at right) is also recommended especially for the holiday season. You will enjoy the maze and coloring games along the story. Informations are on my blog and the publisher's facebook. Both applications have quite a volume and you'll find it as a good bargain :-)

  A little modification on this site (tabs on upper part) : The page for picture book is divided into two sections according to the media --- PrintedBooks and eBooks . The section for Works is added, which links to my former site. ( I had an intention to transfer those works to my blog "portfolio", but ..... not much time)

  The year 2011 is about to end, but the serious situation in Japan continues; the radioactive contamination which hinders the revival of the land, and the problems of the re-activation of nuke plants etc. What can I do as an individual, for the better society,is the theme for the future.

December 13, 2011