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Back-up (January 2012)

icon_abc.jpgiconipad.jpgのサムネール画像のサムネール画像2012 has begun !

 May the world be peaceful, people be happy, the nature ( land and climate! ) be calm in 2012 ! Here is the greeting card for the year of the Dragon. 

  ( I'm still waiting for the release of...) another application for iPad / iPhone ! (icon at left, not linked yet) This ABCD e-BOOK, is the e-Book version ofABC out of WWW ; an alliterative verse in english with illustrations.  Here I am ! The A-mazeing Little Creatures (icon at right) is also recommended especially for the holiday season. You will enjoy the maze and coloring games along the story. Informations are on my blog and the publisher's facebook. Both applications have quite a volume and you'll find it as a good bargain :-)

January 3, 2012