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Back-up (May 2012)


May the future be fruitful !

  This late for up-dating !, How difficult to keep on up-dating especially in foreign language ! I've been working on a new project on book and prepareing for the group exhibition which is now open for public (until may 8th).

ExhibitionTORNADO ! shaped illustrations by 21 illustrators

Book: Snow White, the Ugliest of All

 I expect some foreign visitors would come see the exhibition at Ryogoku (the area of sumo-wrestlers), and some would read this e-book in japanese.

 Now, the only active nuclear reactor in Japan will stop (for maintenance) on May 5th. I hope the government would not rush to re-activate another. We must make this situation a good opportunity to think about the new way of producing and consuming the energy.

May 1, 2012