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Back-up (February 2013)

February, Dreams yet under the Snow

  In the latter part of January, I've been traveling in Europe, Paris(France) and Milan (Italy). 

  Once in a couple of years, I bring my new projects of picture-books and show them to the editors, expecting them to publish any of the works. 

  This time, the main one was the book with illustration(s) drawn in "one stroke" without a single break ; the line is always connected throughout 15 spreads and to the front & back covers too. (shown here is one of the spreads) 

  Some editor said that the work is good but too artistic and poetic, some said it's too complicated for the children and some told me to wait for the answer. So, at this point, I haven't yet found the publisher to realize it. Maybe I need to modify (simplify) it someway, or maybe not. 

  I'd be happy to show the whole book(prototype) to any editors/art-directors who would be interested in it. The theme is : the circulation of the world, with rhythm and harmony, like winds and waves dance together......

  The title in French is "Un Fils du Vent, Une Fille de l'Onde (a son of the wind, a daughter of the wave), or, in Italian "Rondo-Mondo (The World in Rondo)" . I haven't found an appropriate title in English yet, let's see ......

  The journey photos here. (to be added more)

February 8, 2013