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Back-up (about the renewed site)

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Hello readers,

  This is a website to introduce KINOTORIKO (Toriko Kino)'s works ; illustrations, picture books and other activities.

  The site is finally renewed, after more than 10 years of using old HTML. I hope the new design would appear clearly on your browser.

  During this decade, the range and the style of my work became wide  and various, from simple illustrations (that clients order me) to installations, web contents & product designs etc. Especially, as my own project of picture book grew, the concept became more important than the style of illustrations, then I've been anxious that my activities might seem scattered and confusing. So, by putting these works properly on this site, I also hope that the context among them  would naturally appears.

  The blogs on the right side: "NEWS" is for announcing updates and notices, "Portfolio" is for showing my works (used or unused for media), sortable by categories of themes and techniques. "Recent Entries" links directly to the latest 3 articles. There are few articles so far but I'll be uploading continuously.

  The tabs on above "PictureBook","Exhibitions","WebContents" etc... are the archives containing the reports on terminated activities and the detailed informations. These pages are still linked to the old site, and I'll be fixing these pages too. I appreciate your frequent visit. 

Thank you,
February, 2011 


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 Recently I found that, in this site (made of "Movable Type 5"), only 10 articles can be shown at the top page of each blog. To see all articles (paginated), please choose "see all" on the side menu "categories".