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" La nuit, ailleurs " published in France

PT_Lanuit_covers.jpgThe book on the right on this photo, "La nuit, ailleurs"= " The night, elsewhere " is recently published as my second title in the series of "Papier Coupés", by the french publisher Grandir, The book on the left "Quand petit Tomo dort"" While Little Tomo sleeps " is the one that already released in April.

All Illustrations are laser-cut, accordion folded structure, cloth covered case, wrapped by double paper jacket.

The color of the paper underneath --- silver for "la nuit ..." and bronze for "Petit Tomo" --- represent the light of the full moon.

September 15, 2017

" Quand petit Tomo dort ", published in France


A new picture book is released from French publisher Grandir, as one one of the series "Papier Coupés".
As it is called "Papier Coupés"= "Cut Papers" , the illustrations are laser-cut, and folded in accordion style.
Cloth covered case, wrapped by double paper jacket ivory (laser-cut) and bronze(inside). Details are shown here.

The title is "Quand petit Tomo dort"= "While little Tomo sleeps". 
A little boy in his bed, about to sleep, looks outside the window to see the sky with full moon. Meanwhile, the nocturnal animals are ......

This title is not introduced yet on the site of the publisher, but others previously issued are in this catalog. I hope you have an opportunity to see and touch this series, so beautiful!


March 24, 2017

Paris covered in Snow


  During my stay in Paris, the snow beautifully covered the town. On sunday, January 20, I took a walk around the town; no traffic noises, many families with children, laughters and sounds of footsteps. It was a very special day, even to the Parisians. 

  These are the photos; Snow-White Paris, and other shots trying to imitate the style of Mr.Kubrick.

L'annonce en Français


  Mon livre qui a été publié en 2006 est maintenant transformé comme un e-Book, une application pour iPad. La traduction du titre Here I am ! The A-mazing little Creatures serait Me Voici ! Les petites bêtes en Labyrinthe. C'etait  un livre du labyrinthe avec une histoire et comme vous voyez ici, on pouvait suivre le chemin avec le marqueur rouge sur la caissette transparente et de plus, effacer les lignes pour jouer répétitivement. 
  Alors, l'intention du livre est bien réalisé en forme d' e-Book. En plus, sur les pages du labyrinthe, on peut utiliser la pallete multicolore pour dessiner, colorer, et peindre. Bien sûr vous pouvez enregistrer vos dessins originaux. La musique a été composée spécialement pour cet application. 
  Il y a peu de texte donc la langue ne vous dérangerait pas. C'est pour toutes les générations dans tous les pays ! 

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Picture book released in France

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  To start a new blog, I'd like to introduce my latest picture book which was released in January in France. The title "Qui suis-je ?" had been entitled "I'm Puzzled" when I first made the plot. So, this is a puzzle to be played and also bearing the theme of "identity". That's why the french title is " Who am I ?" when re-translated into English. More informations are already shown in "PictureBook" page. 
  The book is available certainly in France, probably in some countries in europe, and maybe in french-speaking areas in the world. ( In Japan, I could find only one bookstore on-line who sells it so far)
  This book is one of the series called "Cahier d'artiste" (Artist's Sketchbook), the series that urges the readers to create their own piece of work by the meterials made by the artists. Among them are ; Serge Bloch, Hervé Tullet, Gianpaolo Pagni & Eric Girat.
  The price is rather reasonable, and basically there's no text inside, and I'm sure the series would inspire the children all over the world.
I'm expecting it to be published in many countries.