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Wind, Wave & Circle Dance---Book that Loops

 This is a prototype of the book (expecting some publisher). I first presented at the solo-exhibition in May, at Gallery EF Monthly Art Shop (Tokyo).
Two lines, orange and blue (each one in one stroke all through the book) compose the scene on each spread. As the lines continue on the front and back covers too, the story never ends making a loop forever. 
 The orange line represents the "wind side" and you will find "a boy" on each spread. The blue line is for "wave side" with "a girl". 
 Now I found it appropriate to be depicted on the web -- continuous loop in both ways. The only text (so far) is the title, but I'm thinking about adding some words if needed.

Tentative titles are:
* Wind, Wave & Circle Dance (English)
* Rondo Mondo (Italian)
* Un fils du vent, Une fille de l'onde (french)

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