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Quand petit Tomo dort, a new picture book

"Quand petit Tomo dort"= " While little Tomo sleeps"
Fabricated at the laser-cut studio "Papiers Coupés", one of the section of the publisher Grandir.
A story of the full-moon night, without words.

left: the book is covered with laser cut ivory sheet and bronze color sheet underneath.
right: turn over the front cover and there's a title pape also laser-cut.

The first scene and  the following pages through the "window".

The sunlight casts the shadow on the floor. This effect was a part of my plan but ......

The reflection on the next page, is more than I expected. 

Magic of the layers、the movement of lights and shadows.

How "white" is colorful !

The reflection on the back side of the page can also be seen through.

There are: long-eared owl, black rat, european tree frog, Spanish moon moth etc.
How will it look like if we cast the light from the center ?

" Quand Petit Tomo dort "
© 2017 kinotoriko & Papiers Coupés
25cm X 190cm (length unfolded)
cloth covered case + double paper jacket
35 euros
EAN / ISBN code: 979-1093609508

will be available at

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