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La nuit, ailleurs --- another laser-cut picture book

" La nuit, ailleurs " = " The night, elsewhere " is my second title in the same series of "Papiers Coupés", fabricated at the laser-cut studio oft the publisher Grandir
This is the another story in the full-moon night. 

left: the book is covered with laser-cut ivory sheet and silver color sheet underneath.
right: an introductive phrase written (cut) on the back.

Removing the silver sheet, the hidden tint --- purple surface of the book --- appears.
The motif on the cover is a bud of "Queen of the night".

The accordion-folded structure seen from the front side.  The Queen of the night bloomed,  mother and child of Malayan tapir, a grape vine, a rabbit in the wood, a snow mountain ...... and those peeping from behind .

A raccoon and a flying squirrel behind the grape vine, wolves staring from the shade of the woods ......

The whole zigzag spread on the floor.

The magic of light and  shadow. Can you see a leopard behind the snow mountain ?

With the lamplight  from behind

"Colors" of the white paper.

In this book: 
Queen of the night, bat, Malayan tapir, tarsier, raccoon, flying squirrel, mountain hare, wolf, snow leopard
 --- all nocturnal.

" La nuit, ailleurs "
© 2017 kinotoriko & Papiers Coupés
25cm X 190cm (length unfolded)
cloth covered case + double paper jacket
35 euros
EAN / ISBN code: 979-1093609553

will be available at

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