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ABC out of WWW

abc-cover.jpg w_abc1.jpg
 An English ABC-book in the long accordion-fold form, self-published in April 2003.  It is in the collection of OPLA (The archive of children's book by artists/ Melano, Italy).
 The alliterative verse was first made in 1995 as the online picture book "ABC on WWW". One poem is divided into two parts, the former part is to be clicked to lead to the corresponding latter part. To keep this structure on this tangible book, a double spread for one poem is folded backwards, to make the reader turn the page to see the latter half, but also be able to unfold again to view the whole. Therefore, "www" accordion-fold style is adopted. height=170mm, width=6000mm jointless, cloth-coverd.
 The original book was a fruit of artisans' technique; the traditional Japanese papermaker, the master of printing to control the inkjet pigment print for 6 meters,, the skilled bookbinder to fold the long paper by hands (see details here). But think it's possible to make a poplar edition, hoping it to become widespread.


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