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Designs for Silk Scarf

I'd like to propose these three design(sketches) for square silk scarf, adopting the concepts of my previous works on picture books. The theme is "Have Fun in the Square !"

Composing little animals from " Here I am ! the A-mazing Little Creatures ".
The background might be the pattern of plants, or, the maze would be spread in full size.

Deforming and modifying the drawing from " Wind, Wave & Circle Dance / Un fils du vent, Une fille de l'onde/ Rondo-Mondo ", the line is circulating in this square space.

Book that Loops

This is a prototype of the book (expecting some publisher !) I presented at the solo-exhibition in May, at Gallery EF Monthly Art Shop (Tokyo).
Two lines, orange and blue compose the scene on each spread and, as the lines continue on the front and back covers too, the story never ends making a loop forever. 

Football for Heroines

Now the World Cup in Brazil is in the midst of the heat ! 
And I remember the time when I begun to watch football games.


These are the T-shirt designs for the group-exhibition to cerebrate the World cup football 2002 ( in Korea & Japan). 


These would be appropriate for the women's ;-) don't you think?
I put 2015 in the place of 2002 for the Women's World Cup 2015 !

Miscellaneous Goods

Post Cards

PCbook01.jpgPost-Card Book





Repeating Patterns

At this exhibition, pictures are formed by two lines, drawn without a single break.
The beginning and the end can be connected so as to make a loop. 

With this design, I wrapped the cylinder-shaped container. 

Gallery Photos/Monthly Art Shop

main wall : Solo Exhibition " Wind, Wave and Circle Dance"
two lines, blue and orange compose the scenes together, each line making a loop without any break.

You can feel the line with fingers after the paint dries.

New Year's Card 2008

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the year of the Rat 
( the illustration is not related to the animal )


an llustration for the magazine :
 "Easy-to-make Chic Greeting Cards 2008" (Shuwa System), 2007

New Year's Card 2002

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the year of the Horse


SEVENTEEN, in the shape of ......?

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The annual exhibition 2011 at Gallery eF, Part1  Jan.11(tue)~ Jan.21(fri)
General Theme: SEVENTTEEN, thoughts in the adolescence
Title of my Work : SEVENTEEN, in the shape of......?


fabric cover
printed works mounted on the accordion-folded album
195mm x 138mm,  10 pages


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