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"I'm PEKO-PEKO Hungry!" info (the second half)

I'm PEKO-PEKO Hungry! introduces Japanese onomatopoeia and mimetic words with full of illustrations. There are explanations of the scenes in Japanese and in English, description of each onomatopoeia, and also the clues for pronunciation.
Here you see the chapters of the second halfclick here to see the former half

5. What kind of pain is it?
Let's talk to the doctor!

6. How smooth and silky!
How do you feel the texture?

"I'm PEKO-PEKO Hungry!"

"おなかぺこぺこオノマトペ/ I'm PEKO-PEKO Hungry!"
*texts & illustrations by KINOTORIKO
  proofreading by Shannen Polzin (Go! Go! Nihon)
*issued on October 19 from Chikura Publishing Company, Tokyo ¥1500+tax
*182mm(h)×120mm(w), 160pages all printed by 3 colors (2specials+black)
*ISBN: 978-4-8051-1183-3

Quand petit Tomo dort, a new picture book

"Quand petit Tomo dort"= " While little Tomo sleeps"
Fabricated at the laser-cut studio "Papiers Coupés", one of the section of the publisher Grandir.
A story of the full-moon night, without words.

left: the book is covered with laser cut ivory sheet and bronze color sheet underneath.
right: turn over the front cover and there's a title pape also laser-cut.

The first scene and  the following pages through the "window".

The sunlight casts the shadow on the floor. This effect was a part of my plan but ......


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