Reports on solo-exhibitions, group-exhibitions, and other events
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Solo-Exhibitions, Displays>
1987Display in Seibu Department Store @Shibuya, Tokyo
1989Window display for Odakyu Department Store @ Shinjuku, Tokyo
1990Exhibition "Nonsense Innocence Science" @ HB Gallery, Omote-Sando, Tokyo
1991Exhibition "The Reflexion" @ Gallery Niche, Harajuku, Tokyo
(Logo & the package design for the shop "NICHE")
Exhibition "Beyond" @ The Spiral Market, Omote-Sando, Tokyo
1992Exhibition "The Synchloroformalin Gardens" @ Gallery Miharaya, Ginza, Tokyo
1994Wall-painting for a community center in Shinjuku, Tokyo
2000Wall-painting for a care-facilities in Mobara, Chiba
2002Exhibition "What a Colorful Life!" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
Exhibition "What a Colorful Life!" in the bookstore "Nadiff Modern", Shibuya, Tokyo
2003Plannings and graphics for a display in science museum, Kagoshima
Exhibition "Il Panorama Parlato" @ Progetto, La cittadella, Kawasaki
2006Exhibition "The Passion Blue" @Gallery Misuzudo, Ochanomizu, Tokyo
Exhibition "The A-mazing Little Creatures" @Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
2009Exhibition "A passage of Book-Making"@House of Books, Takatoh, Nagano
2014Exhibition "Wind, Wave & Circle Dance"@Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo

Group-Exhibitions, Events>
1984Exhibition "Tin-Canned Materials" Aoyama Gallery @ Omote-Sando, Tokyo
1986"T-Shirt Exhibition" in Seibu Department Store @ Yurakucho, Tokyo
1988"The END CLUB" exhibition @ Dentsu Advertising Gallery
"No Nukes Poster" Exhibition @ Space A.D. 2000, Harajuku, Tokyo
"Peace Card" Exhibition @ Art Wad's, Shibuya, Tokyo
1989"Mailing Art" Exhibition @ Graphic Station, in Kawasaki Seibu Department Store
"Bin-Can Zu-Can (The Sensitive Specimens)" @Graphic Station, Omotesando, Tokyo
1990"Obscure Word 2---COMPLEXION" in Seibu Department Store @Shibuya, Tokyo
1991"New Wave Illustrations 100" @ Dentsu Advertising Gallery
"Imagination Gallery" in Seibu Department Store @Shibuya, Tokyo / Ceramic paintings
"Art of Sound" in Seibu Department Store @Shibuya, Tokyo / Ornament design for the audio speakers
1994"Felissimo Greeting Card" Exhibition @ Shinjuku, Tokyo & Hakodate Hokkaido
1995"Telefloket" Exposition @WWW
"Hyper Greetings" Exhibition by NEC @ Digital Art Gallery, Osaka
1996Collaborated work entitled "The Star Songs" for Internet 1996 World Expo
2001"The Time Capsule of 20th Century" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
"The Art for Nails" @ Gallery Spoon, Osaka
2002"Word  Cup and ○○○" in the restaurant "CACCIATORA", Ebisu, Tokyo/ T-shirt
2003"ASOBISM" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo / Objects, Books
"The Baseball" in the restaurant "CACCIATORA", Ebisu, Tokyo / T-shirt
"Collect Flowers" @ Gallery TRAY, Gakugei-Daigaku, Tokyo
International Children's Book-Fair in Bologne, exhibited in Italy &Japan
2004"Dreams Come True" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
"tray 1st anniversary" @ Gallery TRAY, Gakugei-Daigaku,Tokyo
"Rainbow" @ Gallery Maison d'Art, Osaka
International Children's Book-Fair in Bologne, exhibited in Italy &Japan
2005"Drawin' about Love Story" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
2006"Kiss Kiss Kissin' --- Fall in Love, 2006" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
2007"HOTEL2007" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
"EASHI-TEN 2" @ Gallery tray, Gakugei-Daigaku, Tokyo
2008"FAMILY? 2008" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
Workshop instructor at Itabashi Art Museum during the exhibition of " Bologna Children's Bookfair ".
The theme was " Japanese art & the Picture-books today
2009"HOME, SWEET HOME" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
ZINE's MATE / Tokyo Art Book Fair 2009@VACANT, Harajuku, Tokyo
Some works at "Instatant-Noodle Cafe with Box Galleries" @GOLD 7, Harajuku, Tokyo
2010"HELLO, GOODBYE" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
Illustrators' Book Market@Gallery tray, Sangu-bashi, Tokyo
"Paper Ring" Exhibition@Gallery tray, Sangu-bashi, Tokyo
"Smart Canvas X8" @Tokyo Midtown
"Paper Ring" Exhibition@Gallery Osoblanco, Osaka
2011"SEVENTEEN" @ Gallery eF, Sendagaya, Tokyo
New Year's Flea Market@Gallery tray, Sangu-bashi, Tokyo