A list of my picture books
(linked to my old site to show the details)

Original Projects>
Planned, plotted, illustrated and designed by kinotoriko.
Some are generally published, some are self-produced as limited editions.

2017 MAR.
Quand petit Tomo dort
Papiers Coupés by Éditions Grandir / Nimes, France 35euros
ISBN 979-1093609508
Series of "laser-cut books" are planned by the publisher.

blue.jpg2011 JAN.
Éditions Sarbacane/Paris  (written in French)  10euros
ISBN 978-2-84865-427-0

2009 AUG.
Tendre est La Mort   *2009 LIBBYLIT PRIZE*
Éditions Sarbacane/Paris  (written in French)  10euros
ISBN 978-2-84865-299-3
Italian Version is also published in Nov. 2010.

2009 JAN.
My Sweet Death Wish (Japanese version of "Tendre est La Mort")
Mokujisha/Tokyo  (written in Japanese)   1260yen
ISBN 978-4-8393-5966-9 C5776

2006 SEP.
Banana Books/Tokyo  (written in Japanese & English)  4800yen 
ISBN 4-9029-3009-9 C8771
2011~the copyright for publishing is returned to the author, and the books are stored by the author.

2006 APR.
Limited Edition of 40 copies  (written in Japanese, English, French, italian)   8400yen
available at Misuzudo Bindery

2003 APR.
Il Panorama Parlato  *Selected illustration at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2004*
Limited Edition of 28 copies  (written in Italian & Japanese)   18900yen
stored by the author, price negotiable

2003 APR.
Limited Edition of 12 copies  (written in English & Japanese)   30000yen
stored by the author, price negotiable

2002 APR.
What a Colorful Life !  *Selected illustration at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2003*
Limited Edition of 350 copies  (written in English & Japanese)  6500yen
stored by the author

Co-Written Books>

2011 MAY
text by Osamu Sakura, Chuokoron-Shinsha. inc./Tokyo (written in japanese)
Pocket Version 620 yen    ISBN 978-4-12-205484

2004 FEB.
text by Hiromi Akiyama, PHP Institute/Tokyo (written in japanese)   1000yen
ISBN 978-4-5696-3310-7

2002 SEP.
If the Earth is a Globe of 100cm ...
text by Tomoya Nagai, Sekai Bunka Publishing/Tokyo (written in japanese)   945yen
ISBN 978-4-4180-2519-0

2000 AUG.
text by Osamu Sakura, Bronze Publishing/Tokyo (written in japanese)   1575yen
ISBN 978-4-8930-9207-6

* The books of limited editions are especially made for exhibitions and expecting to be realized as the popular editions. Publishers are welcome !
* The books "stored by the author" are not available in stores (except at some special occasions).

For inquiries, requests, etc... contact :
picturebook "at" (replace "at" with @)