Snapshots on my journey to visit book-fairs and publishers
(linked to my old sites)

2013Paris, Milan+Bologna+Vigevano, and other snaps in January
2011Paris in June, missed Milan and directed to Montpellier
2009Milan, Paris in october, and the award ceremony in Belgium
2009Takatoh---prospective Book Town in Japan
2008F1 Italian GP + Paris
2007Autumn in Paris, Milan
2006Milan + Paris (Children's Bookfair @ Montreuil)
2005part2: 2 months in Italy + Côte d'Azur & Paris 
2005part1: Bologna Children's Bookfair + Modena & Nice  (partly uploaded)
2004Bologna Children's Bookfair + Cities in Provence & Paris
2003Bologna Children's Bookfair + Milan & Turin etc.
2002Bologna Children's Bookfair + Florence & Rome
2001London & Milan