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About the Picture-Book
"ABC out of WWW"

*2003: In the collection of OPLA (the library of artist's books for children in the city of Merano, Italy)
*2003: In the collection of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

  An English ABC-book of original poems in the long accordion-fold form. Made in April 2003. This alliterative verse was first made in1995 as the online picture book "ABC on WWW". One poem is divided into two parts, the former part is to be clicked to lead to the corresponding latter part. To keep this structure on this tangible book, a double spread for one poem is folded backwards, to make the reader turn the page to see the latter half, but also be able to unfold again to view the whole. Thus, "www" accordion-fold style is adopted.
  height=17cm, width=6m jointless japanese paper, invented by a manufacturer in Kochi prefecture in 2003: acid-free, thin & strong, kozo-fiber within, used for the first time as a product to make this book.
  Printed by Qbic(cubic). Mr. Shunichi Kida, the master of the studio prints out the data with pigment ink on Japanese scroll paper, and the facture has a delicacy of dyed materials. He produces the reprints of ancient UKIYOE as well as the works of contemporary artists, stage arts & displays etc.
  The binder is Mr. Matsuo Kamijima at Misuzu Bindary. Since the 6-meter paper is too long for the machine, the "accordion" is folded one by one by hand.
  Printable only 4 copies at a time, on a 90cm-wide scroll paper. There are 8 copies (twice printed) as the first lot + 4 copies (once printed) as the second and won't be produced again in this form because it requires a task of great difficulty. Autographed & numbered; 30,000yen + tax.
Double spreads of ABC alliterative verses. Click to enlarge the images.

about O.P.L.A.
  O.P.L.A.="Oasi Per Libri Artistici (Oasis for artists' books)" is the name of the project by the library of Merano City (in north Italy, near Germany) that collects "artists' books for children".
  In 2007, An exhibition of the collected books was held to celebrate the10th anniversary of the project. The book (at right) of this exhibition was published from Corraini. Presented here are remarkable picture books; some are of limited editions, author's editions, first editions made by artists. Among them are Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari, from Joan Miro to Andy Warhol, and Katsumi Komagata from Japan, and others of nowadays & old days, from all over the world. One of my books in this collection, "ABC out of WWW" is being introduced at the exhibition and in the book.
  The purpose of this project would be, to define the meaning of "book" "for children" through the ambitious works of the "artists".

"Children's Corner"
Maurizio Corraini s.r.l.

"ABC out of WWW" at the exhibition of OPLA10th anniversary / in the library

copyright: 2003 Kinotoriko